Gods exist.

Gods exist.

One god is the galaxy.
One creator-god is the nebula from which our solar system emerged.
Creator-gods are not eternal. They are not persons. They are phenomena.

One god is our solar system’s collective of celestial objects.
One god is the Earth and Gaia theory.

One god is the Homo sapiens sapiens collective.
Here you will have God as Homo sapiens sapiens, Trinitarian archetype, Father, Mother, and Child.
(Father, Son, and a Holy Spirit sent by the Son is a notion that is somewhat lacking in comparison to the more ancient Trinitarian concept. I think child is more universal/unisexual than son. Why can’t the Father send the Holy Spirit? The New Testament Speaks of the Father but Genesis does not say God is the Father of Adam or the Father created the world. The Father may have been one of the entities in “Let Us make man.” For this reason, Jews, Christians, and Judeo-Christians, and Latter Day Saints could benefit more from discussing the question Do Gods exist.

Do you honestly think the creator-god who made our star with solar system made a billion others?
Do you think the creator-god who makes a spiral galaxy makes galaxies that aren’t spirals?

We know nebulae create stars, are powerful and are finite. The phenomena matches the personified god. Our creator-god that gave us Light (the Sun) and carbon-based life on Earth-Gaia is powerful and finite. So, here, the question becomes, “Did God exist?”

So, with no existence of our own creator-god, to whom have many been praying? A suggested God. Now, do the thoughts of the masses create a thought-form God? Maybe? Then the question becomes Does a Thought-Form God exist? But who cares if that God can’t create a planet or a star? We care because although the creator-god is gone, there may be a Watcher. But who cares if there is a Watcher that isn’t an objective Caretaker, a Watcher who didn’t intervene when say Pompeii made the air we breathe 600 degrees Farhenheit?

Does every species have a god? Why is the Homo sapiens sapiens god “the God?” Yes, we are a mighty collective, but the personification of our collective isn’t the god of all living beings? Can we create a rock? Can we create a Gaia on the Moon, on Mars? Can we create a Star-Sun?

Another god is the individual.
Many gods are other individuals.

Gods exist.


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