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Astrology and Methodists

I was blessed to meet a man in the parking lot yesterday. He is a student of Religion. He wants to be a Methodist minister.

The incarnate body of human souls is a highly advanced hologram. As holograms are formed by the light that hits the film, we are formed by the Beams of Heaven (a Baptist hymn) that hit our mortal material at birth and as long as we live–beams from the Sun, beams from the Moon, beams from Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, etc.

His reply was: Then how are we created in the image of God?

He had already told me, Holograms aren’t real. I replied, the Highly Advanced Holograms that our incarnate bodies are are real unless you want to get into a philosophical discussion about existence. Furthermore, there is some truth to what you’re saying because many an ascetic deny the body as nonexistent in comparison to the spirit. The spirit may be created in the image of God but the incarnate body … But what was coming to mind was Enlil, Enki, Thoth, Zecharia Sitchin.

The spirit transcends the matrix of beams in our solar system and in our galaxy. The spirit may be created in the image of the Creator-God, the Phenomena of called creator of the Sun, Earth, and Moon, the creator of our Solar System and section of the galaxy. A nebula can only create a subset of our galaxy. The notion of creator-god has a big leap as we go from creating solar systems to creating the galaxy we’re in, to creating non-spiral galaxies.

For all I know, the Methodist concept of God may be Earth-bound anyway. For quite sometime, God was species specific, a Trinity of Father, Mother, and Child, The Trinity of ongoing species creation, that creator-god.