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Christianity Is Not the Highest Plateau of Theology

Julius Caesar is not Jupiter or greater than Jupiter. Caesar Octavian Augustus is not Jupiter or greater than Jupiter. I am unable to think Caligula and Nero were up for the Mount Rushmore of Caesars as Gods. Julius Caesar and Caesar Octavian Augustus were not Sol Invictus or greater than Sol Invictus. Julius Caesar and Caesar Octavian Augustus did not create the nebula from which the Sun was created. Julius Caesar and Caesar Octavian Augustus did not create the Earth or one species of animal. Virgil has compared Octavian with the founder of Rome in the Aenid. An emperor cannot be deified as high as Mother Earth or Creator Sun, creator of its Planets. However, Jesus is shot higher than the founding of a country-empire–shot beyond Augustus and Caesar. Jesus could not even win the Jewish Revolt. Jesus is hardly greater than Herod the Great with respect to building beautiful cities and temples. Josephus got Titus to take a man down from the cross. That man survived crucifixion. Without earthly laurels, Jesus becomes the Osirian Lord of the Resurrection. Yes, Salvation is iconic in the human experience, but Jesus did not save Jerusalem, he didn’t save the Temple. Even if we go with the idea that one of the composite characters of the biblical Mary and Jesus, Mother and ChildĀ  is Queen Helena and King Izates who DID save Jerusalem from a famine, that’s like a losing football score of 105 to 7 (15 touchdowns and field goals) to one. Combine that with taking a man down from the cross before he is so dead he’s beyond having a Near Death Experience and we give Jesus the right to STEAL Lord of the Resurrection from the Osiris cult, you still do not have Jesus as equal to God.

Fine. immortalizing Paul-Josephus’ achievement of getting Titus to give him permission to revive Jesus mythologizes Jesus beyond a Julius or an Octavian but Hades (brother of Zeus, not the place) was no Jupiter, Zeus, Athena, or Cronus. So, Christianity is not the highest plateau of theology. Sorry.