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The Bart Ehrman Blog End of the Year Blog Reflection

Bart D. Ehrman: I do the blog not only because I want to disseminate knowledge about the New Testament, the historical Jesus, the history and literature of early Christianity…

Steefen: It goes without saying, you like the extended comments and Q&A with your lecture and debate audiences, video watchers, and book readers?

Second, I guess I’ll never forget what a teacher said about writing at NYU School of Continuing Ed more than two decades ago: Write to discover.

In an Edith Wharton book, Lilly Bart saw how she was in the laboratory where Seldon’s thoughts were being formed. House of Mirth is the book. At least one of the blog readers, me, is interested in how new concepts of the New Testament, the historical Jesus, the history and literature of early Christianity, and so on are formed. Really, is 90% of the work already done? In some fields, I’d say yes. For example, haven’t 90% of New Testament works been translated and made public? How much more do our thoughts about the Jewish God of Jesus need to change? Jesus left this Earth in 36 C.E. His successful legacy is his healing not heavenly salvation because the Kingdom of Heaven did not manifest greater than the Roman Empire. When Jesus went into the spiritual world, the Kingdom of Heaven did not dress him as the Son of Man for his return from either a Near Death Experience, a Lazarus Syndrome resurrection, or a buried alive incident. The Temple was destroyed. Bar Kokhbah failed as well.

Joseph (Latinized to Titus Flavius Josephus), Yohannan ben Zakkai and Hellenists resurrected Jesus to a Gentile Jesus Christ as opposed to a Hebrew Jesus Messiah harbinger to a spiritual Son of Man.

So, I now have a post-Hebrew-Jesus-Messiah mindset. Will I soon have a completely Post-Christian mindset?

What will fill an informed person’s astrological ninth house of religion?

The Ninth House The ninth house covers long journeys and religion (the longest journey of all). Here is what remains of the purification that takes place in the eighth house — the seed, or essence, of an entire cycle of experience. Religion comes from a Latin word that means to bind back, and thus refers to all things that last or endure, such as the truth. Essential ideas, philosophy, and all that is the very heart of things belong here. (http://www.astrology.com.tr/houses.asp)

What solar system object will fill an informed person’s house of religion or for another house, the 12th house of sacrifice for what is really important?

(Apparently, the Son of Man and Jesus’ concept of the Kingdom of God/Heaven is not really important since IT DID NOT DELIVER and has yet to deliver. How can you go from a crucified Jesus to a destroyed temple to the Inquisitions and have anything left for the historical Jesus and his apocalypse?)

I have read scholarly books and this blog to inform my thoughts about, no longer Noah’s God, no longer Moses’ God, and no longer Jesus’ God, now.


It is, as called in Vedic Astrology, the “planetary deity” of Neptune. The astrological principle of Neptune is Transcendent freedom; unification; freedom from ego-self. What’s beyond the material world(?): Quantum mechanics, the non-locality principle, the paranormal, and heavens yearned for and created.

We know something is beyond our Local God, the Sun Invincible with his planetary deity Cabinet Members because we know of other planets with Moons, we know other stars with planets, we know there are other galaxies, we have theorized mathematically other dimensions of existence (Brian Greene, Theoretical Physicist).

My thoughts about Neptune (God) is life on this Earth will not become heavenly, we can only have moments of escape and bliss. Neptune reports to the Sun. Totalitarian human will power cannot hold a heaven together here on Earth over long timespans and distances–let alone a thousand years (Jesus, I’m talking to you and your believers).

At some point, I’ll read your content plans for the 2014 blog. As you can tell, what will be important to me is what happened at Edessa, what happened at Yavne with Josephus and Johannan ben Zakkai giving testimony to a Christ and Messiah.

Although there now is much Post-Christianity world view, I still honor the principles of St. Michael and St. Jude. The former cares that souls not be ruined and the latter cares that we live through despair as best as possible. .

The Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem

Mysticism is only as good as the Astrology upon which it is built.

For Jesus and Paul to overstate the transition of the Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces as they have in the New Testament is so misleading.

What I can say in support of Jesus and the Age of Pisces is that a Temple of animal blood spilling is SO Age of Aries. The destruction of that temple is a great marker for the end of the Age of Aries.

Too High, Too Low, Inner Work

If you ever think there is no internal work to do on the self that is yours with this incarnation, get out your natal chart and look at each opposition and square. See if you’ve overcome those aspects of your character.

If you are ever low in self-esteem, get that natal chart again and look at each of your trines and sextiles.

Where are the aspects neutral, places where you have to consciously decide to be a moral person?

At the conjunctions of planets in your natal chart.

Astrology and Methodists

I was blessed to meet a man in the parking lot yesterday. He is a student of Religion. He wants to be a Methodist minister.

The incarnate body of human souls is a highly advanced hologram. As holograms are formed by the light that hits the film, we are formed by the Beams of Heaven (a Baptist hymn) that hit our mortal material at birth and as long as we live–beams from the Sun, beams from the Moon, beams from Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, etc.

His reply was: Then how are we created in the image of God?

He had already told me, Holograms aren’t real. I replied, the Highly Advanced Holograms that our incarnate bodies are are real unless you want to get into a philosophical discussion about existence. Furthermore, there is some truth to what you’re saying because many an ascetic deny the body as nonexistent in comparison to the spirit. The spirit may be created in the image of God but the incarnate body … But what was coming to mind was Enlil, Enki, Thoth, Zecharia Sitchin.

The spirit transcends the matrix of beams in our solar system and in our galaxy. The spirit may be created in the image of the Creator-God, the Phenomena of called creator of the Sun, Earth, and Moon, the creator of our Solar System and section of the galaxy. A nebula can only create a subset of our galaxy. The notion of creator-god has a big leap as we go from creating solar systems to creating the galaxy we’re in, to creating non-spiral galaxies.

For all I know, the Methodist concept of God may be Earth-bound anyway. For quite sometime, God was species specific, a Trinity of Father, Mother, and Child, The Trinity of ongoing species creation, that creator-god.