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A Reason for “Post-Christianity”

Last night on Charlie Rose, his guest said GDP was once tied to population, then productivity (UK: industrialization and US: computerization); now, we’re back to population. China and India lead. (This is one reason why some see a post-Christianity age at the world power level.) ´╗┐With China at 1.34 billion people, India at 1.19 billion people, the U.S. at 310 million, Indonesia at 237 million, Brazil at 190 million, you’re really not a player until your population is three quarters of a billion. Maybe this is why the Pope is against contraception. The Euro better not fall apart.

Attended an ARCE lecture Fri. 10/29/10, 7:30p

Just got back from SMU Foundren Hall where there was a lecture given by Barry Kemp hosted by the Am. Research Center in Egypt.

Saw the movie Agora.

I recommend it.

Great music from a band of an Egyptologist

Steefen’s new video for his books

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Sam Harris Forum Post

Unsmoked: Bliss is not unique to the Christian member of religion. There is more to life than the pursuit of science.

Steefen: An astrologer would say it is important for a civilization to realize which age they are in. For the last 4,000 years people cared if they were in the Age of Taurus, the Age of Aries, or the Age of Pisces. There is bliss but then there is the particular bliss of alignment with an age.

Eudemonia: genetics and brain chemistry only causes natural experiences not supernatural experiences.

Steefen: Cause and effect isn’t a closed system like that. The instruments of an orchestra are objects of the conscious world. Hear these instruments played by an excellent orchestra at Carnegie Hall (NY) or Disney Hall (CA) etc. and they will affect the conscious and the unconscious, if not the spiritual.

There is the natural world of Flatland (2D world). The 3D world is supernatural to the 2D world. The 2D world brings about change in the 3D world all the time.

At one point in time, the 3D world was the Newtonian world; and, whatever was beyond the Newtonian world was supernatural. Nonlocality would have been a supernatural event/phenomenon because the Newtonian world did not understand physics as deeply as we do today. Some of what was supernatural 200 years ago isn’t supernatural today; BUT, this doesn’t mean it is Newtonian.

Just because you can understand the workings of the human organic machine does not discount the higher level; transcendant; functions above the organic machine. by #Steefen has a new look. Check it out.