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Review of Jesus, Interrupted by Bart Ehrman

Converting My Paperback to Hardcover

When I was in high school, I remember some of the books in the library were paperbacks that had been somehow converted to hardcover.

Have you done this to any of your books?

You know that would be a great idea for your display copies. Display copies that authors travel with get beat up a bit.
I think authors should have at least an archival hard copy of their published work.

One other thing, I used to walk by a Rare Books and Binding store on Lexington Avenue, in the 90s–between 90th and 91st Street–in Manhattan. What that shop did was make “Park Ave” leather hardcovers.

What’s going on with me is that my 440 page 8×10 doesn’t seam like it’s going to hold up well physically for my readers. I’m sure to pull the high priced ($450 and $495) version of my book until I can get this matter resolved. I was planning on selling the high priced version only through my website because I was personally signing and numbering each of them. Now I think I wasnt to send my CreateSpace printed books to Long’s-Roullet Bookbinders, first.

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Book Status – 2009.01.07

Water Bearing Fish, the book is in the proof copy stage for another round.