Yes, Christian, There Was an Apocalypse

If historical Jesus scholars believes that Jesus’ main message was the imminent apocalypse, and that didn’t happen, how can anyone who believe that remain a Christian, given that Jesus was wrong on the main focus of his life?

Blog Reader’s Response:

I’m a historical Jesus personal essayist whose work is entitled Insights on the Exodus, King David, and Jesus / The Greatest Bible Study in Historical Accuracy. The second edition may be completed in 2014 for publication.

Apocalypse simply means End-Time Scenario. Suffice it to say that an apocalypse did happen at Ground Zero Jerusalem. Who can seriously think this did not happen? Temple Judaism came to an end. Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome and renamed.

Did something better replace Temple Judaism? Jesus said something better would come after the apocalypse.

When humans commit sins against high aspirations of humanity, the killings of a pigeons, lambs, bulls are very indirect rectifications of the sin/s for which the killings were made. If a criminal commits the crime of stealing, how is sacrificing an animal more important than repenting (John the Baptist), asking forgiveness (Jesus’ Our Father Prayer) and returning to the victim the object that was stolen? He should not have been stealing in the first place (Ten Commandments – Moses).

Jesus was wrong?

How much guilt and sorrow has been laid at Humanity given the biblical story of Jesus which teaches it is an atrocity to convict the innocent. Plato’s Apology ranks second to Jesus’ trial in which the story ends with regret and sorrow over the death of the innocent. In Western Civilization, we are somewhat civilized by these teachings that society is not better off when the innocent and good person’s life is put to death.

The main focus of Jesus’ life was not the end time scenario of Jerusalem (its destruction after the Jewish Revolt).

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