I, the author of The Greatest Bible Study in Historical Accuracy, “nail my thesis” to the door of the Catholic Church and the Eastern Church/es : Queen Helena and King Izas must earn Sainthood (if they are not Mary and Jesus, already because Izates was his father’s “only begotten son” and Mary was known for her holiness; for, after she converted to Judaism, she earned her title of Holy Mother by being a Nazarite for not seven years but fourteen years).

Bart Ehrman spoke of a conspiracy on his post about a week ago. The conspiracy goes like this: follow the money and the power and you find the Roman Church nurtured by Vespasian.


Basically, Josephus and Vespasian are very important partners with regards to Ancient Rome’s Jewish problem. Vespasian allows Josephus to save the Hebrew Scriptures from the Temple under destruction during the Revolt.

Josephus also sees a biblical crucifixion tableau and gets Rome to allow him to take the three men down. One survives crucifixion. After the revolt, relatives of King Izates seek clemency from Rome for being rebels against Rome. This would be a reason why the Roman Church has its reasons for not sainting them: they were Jewish purists whose family tree rebelled against Rome. (Rome took Helena’s Temple gift of a golden candlestick.)

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